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      Tim Landon

      Front end pretty much done.  Bleeding brakes the old fashion way.  Still don’t know who the manufacturer of this kart is.

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      Cliff Brannon

      Looks really nice


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      Eric Stockford


      Looks pretty good. What is Teflon tape for? Hope you didn’t use it in your braking system.
      Seat looks very high and possible behind the axle? Most enduros don’t have a bottom to their seats because they are so low. Keep in mind aero and frontal area is critical with enduro’s. Looks like your nerf bars are way above the top of your tires. This will make your body sit very high.

      Keep us posted.


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      Tim Landon

      Seat is just a tool and parts tray right now, not mounted.  Nothing I can really do about the nerfs, without completely redoing them, not.  They are where they are.  I will post pictures later when the bodywork is being mounted.  I am not a small person, so if the bodywork is a little higher, its to keep “me” out of the airflow.  Need an undertray.  Will probably pick one up at Daytona from Mark at McZero.  Also thinking about going thru the engine myself instead of paying someone else to. Rebuild costs are awfully high.     We will see.  Thanks for the compliments on the kart. Trying to make it look nice.

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      Ian Krueger

      nice work i cant wait to get working on mine, yeah for the seat maybe you could cut off the front corners to get it to fit within the frame rails? Just an idea, to give you another inch of low, but great work really inspiring me to get out there and work on mine too

      WKA sprint

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      Tim Landon

      Ian, go for it. It’s fun. Therapeutic


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