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      Mark Hicks

      Looking to get $1,700 for the package.  Located in Wadsworth Ohio 44281.

      Emmick laydown enduro.  Complete roller.  Currently set up to run vintage (no body).  I also have the full floor pan for a full body.  I do have an older full body you are welcome to.  No photos at this time of the full body.

      SMC Axle clutch.  Clean and ready to go (mobil 1 synthetic ATF Fluid).

      Horstman Axle Clutch.  This needs some new spacers between the clutch plates.  Got stuck in the grass at Mid-ohio a couple years back.  Warped them, and never rebuilt it.

      Belt drivers:  14, 15, 16, 17 (3-14’s, 4-15’s, 2-16’s, 1-17)

      Rear belt sprockets range from 70 to 80 less a 78.  Again, there is no 78.  There are three duplicates (71, 72, 73).

      A second enduro laydown kart.  I don’t know the mfg on this one.  We ran it in junior enduro and won with it, but there was not much competition.  I removed the front brake The front brake master cylinder off this kart and put it on the Emmick as I had an air leak and was prepping for Mid-Ohio this year.  The master cylinder that needs rebuilt is also included.

      Photos:  https://goo.gl/photos/YktLcsCCk3EFK3Qf6

      <b>I am driving from Akron Ohio to Decatur IL this Saturday 8/29.  I will be passing through Columbus Ohio and Indianapolis IN.  If you want to purchase this package and can meet me along the route at the proper time, we can meet up.  Otherwise, pickup in Wadsworth Ohio (44281).  Close to Akron and Cleveland.</b>

      I don’t want to split this package up at this time, but will consider in the near future if no takers.




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      Mark Hicks
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