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      Ace Rossi

      Button Dzus or Spring loaded Dzus for bodies?

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      David Armstrong

      I’ve seen both used.

      I prefer to use spring loaded Dzus for body work.

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      Bruce Peck

      I always used to use the captive/spring loaded type, but I find them a PITA to do the initial mounting, etc.   The last couple of bodies I’ve done I’ve used the large head buttons and they’ve been great.  Only lost one I think over four years or so – three different karts.

      The one on the left of course . . .


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        Kelly Read

        We use the size on the left of Bruce’s picture but our uses a 3/16″ allen wrench to install/remove. We use the 1/2″ long zus. We also use there thin plastic washer that goes under the head which protects the head from digging into the fiberglas. We get ours from JEGS.

        You can get on Jegs (www.jegs.com) to see these. Put in the part numbers below in the search bar and it will pull them up.

        Zus: 82203

        Spring: 82256

        Washer: 82256

Viewing 2 reply threads
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