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    Andres Malovos

    Hi ,

    New to karting here, so learning as I go.

    I picked up some new old stock tires, 11-6-5 Dunlop R5 tires. I’m not seeing much information out there, so I’m curious if Dunlop renamed them, or if they stopped production, if so, then what would be the closest tire currently offered?

    I’m thinking I would pick up new fronts and have the most closely matched new set I can manage. They would be my first new tires.


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    Walt Gifford

    Oh, 6″? if you’re an adult running KPV you’re gonna’ want to move to 7.10 rears on 8″ rims. I’d put those R5 on ebay and get a new set of Bridgestone YLC with 7.10 rears and run them at 12 psi.


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    Jim Russell, Jr

    The R5 tire is approximately 20 years old. The most direct replacement is the DFS compound.

    Nothing made currently is going to match tires that old of design and then material degradation over time.

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