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    To those who have the spare time,

    I am just now getting into karting and did so in a Margay Ignite series race where I had decent results(top 5 finish, SR. class). I am looking to race in the TaG series next year along with other forms of road course racing and would like to at least use my next month or so before my first race to study up on the driving styles, lines, . . etc, that people have in this class. If anyone here has any tips or links to articles, videos, numbers of who to call and talk to,  or just anything helpful I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you in advance,


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    Timothy Strawkas

    First You need to fix your name. Full names only no short screen names.

    Tag class is A class for advanced racers, ignite class racing will teach you faster then any videos will. So your ahead of the game.  To each there own.

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    Marty Troup

    Try reading “Going Faster” from Danny Sullivan.

    The first 3 chapters will help

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