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      Mike Janotski

      hi everyone! so one day  me and my buddy were bored (like every Sunday afternoon!) when we decided to stop watching NFL and take our  new karts through the street! i think we got it up to about 50 mph when he decided to hammer it (lol luckily we didnt hit any cars!) but its been a couple years since and i want to do it again next time! thinking of driving it on the highway and seeing how these bad boys pass other cars! i also heard of two seaters so maybe i can put my wife or daughter in there (i have an extra  helmet and rib protector in my closet). so what ideas do you guys have when you take your go karts for a spin?



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      Bryan Williams

      This is a joke, right?

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      brian downing

      It’s called a troll and the bait is way too obvious

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      Rodney Ebersole

      I wish I had a 2 seater. I have to put my dog and cat in my little red wagon to pull behind my kart. They sort of act like they like it after I get them bungee corded in. It all almost fits under some cars when I can get it up to speed.

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      Walt Gifford

      Tracks cost money, I only drive in the walmart parking lot to get that sprint track feel. The cars are so slow they’re easy to dodge and the pedestrian walk has stripes like a start/finish and the people are always cheering and waving their hands. Also, they film the whole parking lot so you look cool on the TV news.


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      Mike Janotski

      ^ exactly what Supernats is lol

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