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    patrick j slattery

    Have been hearing rumors of tire doping back in Man Cup and it not detectable with the current sniffer they have been using.  Hope it is only a rumor, but, I have some friends that tell me it is a fact.  (:>

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    Robert Finlayson

    Just one…GP

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    Mark Dismore Jr.

    News to me. I haven’t seen anyone lay down mega laps in the first lap or two of a race that takes everyone else another 5-6 laps to reach. That’s usually a pretty good sign something is going on. I thought the races at the front this year were pretty even across multiple drivers/karts/teams/engine builders.

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    Gary Lawson

    Of course it’s “undetectable”. Wouldn’t make for a good rumor if it was. If the current machine doesnt detect it, it’s likely because it isn’t turned on which I’ve witnessed already…

    And just like that the drama is building :)

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      Mark Dismore Jr.

      A little drama, gossip and rumors wouldn’t be a bad thing, things are too boring right now anyway!

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    David Cole

    I heard Gary Lawson is becoming a Browns fan…

    David Cole - EKN Managing Editor

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    Gary Lawson

    And David cole wears scarlet and gray underwear.

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    Tim Koyen

    I heard both the karts turned similar lap times at the last race, so prepping isn’t likely.

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    patrick j slattery

    HA HA Tim


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    Steven Kilsdonk

    There’s a joke here involving diaper duty, Cleveland Browns, and Gary.  Maybe an alternative to Goat Pee as well?

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