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      Bob Spedding

      I am really wanting to get into karting but am so confused on all the classes. I know i need to go to my local track and ask a thousand questions, which I have done but it is all still so confusing. And then, if I go to a different track, the rules are different there.  Why can’t there be just ONE set of rules, far less classes so that newbies can understand it all. It would make it so much easier for a new person to get into karting. I know several people that wanted to but said it is way to confusing.  Will it ever be easy?????

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      David Cole

      Nothing is ever easy.

      All kidding aside, karting is very diverse. With each region of the country, there are karts and engines that are very popular, and others that are not.

      Located in Kentucky, sprint racing is rare, with dirt oval the most popular form of karting.

      To start out, you need to figure out what it is you want to do in the sport. A few club races, full-time club, club and regional?

      David Cole - EKN Managing Editor

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      Kirt Burcroff

      There are so many competing interests in kart racing. Importers and business owners vying for diminishing dollars. You’ll get a ton of advice and some of it will be useful. It does seem like promotors and series sponsors are starting to get the message that we need to focus our sport a little better so it’s easier for new people to figure out and for veterans to stay happy and solvent.

      In 3 years we’ve tried Yamaha, PRD, HPV and now X30. Always chasing bigger classes and reliable, fast engines. As David says you need to see what class excites you where you’re going to race and equip yourself to run it. After that you just have to hope that the class stays fun, competitive and relevant. If it doesn’t, you end up running 4 different types of engines in 3 years.

      At the end of the day you may be frustrated and broke but you’ll be hooked and counting the seconds until you get back to the track.


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        Pete Muller


        Unfortunately, the answer to your message title is probably “no”.

        Up until about the mid-70’s (yes: 40 years ago!) karting was pretty simple.  There was one main sanctioning body (the IKF) and about a dozen classes (pretty much the same classes in sprint racing and road racing).  The classes were roughly along the lines of engine types/mods, and most of the “senior” classes were run at 2 weights (50 pounds apart).  It was very, very easy as you could go anywhere in the U.S. (sprint or enduro/road-race) and you knew you could race.  The infiltration of special interests began in the late 70’s, and Kirt described it perfectly.  I don’t believe it will ever change.

        Best bet is always to see what’s popular and well supported in the area where you will be racing.  In the “old days” (ugh), kart racers traveled a lot more (gas and hotels were cheap), but that’s changed now.  Local clubs tend to get pulled and pushed around on class rules by the people that support the club.  Human nature, I suppose.

        Jump in and have fun!


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