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    Kyle Mansell

    Hey guys,  I’m feeling a little overwhelmed..  I’m looking into getting into karting and wanted to go into the rotax Sr dd2 class,  I was originally aiming for the  f125shifter class but was warned off it by the local track because of its extremely high maintenance and engine problems


    I was curious to know would I be making a lot of engine repairs on the dd2?  I’m looking at the repair and maintenance manual for it and I feel a little out of my depth,  they literally break the engine a part in that manual and I’m wondering if I’ll have to do the same regularly or could I just have it tuned up every month or two at the track by the professionals?


    I don’t mind learning to do it myself but it just looks like I could make an easy rookie mistake during a maintenance or working on the cylinders and then I’d look like a real idiot,  just asking for advice and your experiences guys it’d be greatly appreciated

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    Bailey Murphy

    Rotax engines are meant to be sealed. A sealed rotax has to be serviced by an authorized rotax engine builder otherwise it is not legal to race in most organizations. With that being said the rotax platform is pretty maintenance free just replace the gearbox oil in your dd2 every so often and it should run for a year of club racing without needing a rebuild.

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    Kyle Mansell

    Thank you!  I was getting a bit stressed out since a few kart clubs released repair manuals and I was like ” I …  Have to do this?”

    So I just need to learn the regular maintenance of a kart in general then,  that feels a lot more doable

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    tony zambos

    Find a local kart shop that supports the club or series that you’re interested in. Then concentrate on driving skills, chassis setups and having fun.

    LAD Specialties customer / tony kart / rotax / kt100

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