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      William Weiler

      I was wondering if shifter Karts can stop a lot quicker and if its harder to control.

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      Yes, and yes to both of your questions.

      You do not want to get into a shifter kart yet, till you become really good in about 2 seasons at least.

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      Jack Cook

      Yes you can brake much deeper into a corner. They are adjustable front to back put to much front brake in can cause the rear to lift causing a loose condition. I know I have done it. it is not like a motocycle where most of the braking comes from the front brake.

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      Walt Gifford

      They can stop you so quick you can’t use it.

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      J.C. Peterson

      Stopping distances are noticeably shorter, but it will take some mental adjusting to be able to use the brakes to their full potential.

      When the brakes are properly adjusted the kart will stop much straighter than with rear brakes only. The driving technique is different because of this, though. Instead of a rounded entry as with rear brakes only, the corner is more diamond-shaped (straighter under braking, sharper mid-corner, and straighter exit).

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