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      Roger Ruthhart

      The Rock Island Grand Prix made the following announcement Friday. It has been so far met by support from competitors. A couple added that cameras should be banned because those where mounts are attached by glue have come lose and become a dangerous obstacle to dodge as they  bounce down the track. With injuries that have been logged in moto racing, I thought it was worth the karting industry having a discussion on the topic. What better place than here.  Do the benefits of having video of your racing outweigh the potential danger to you and others? What do you think?

      Here is the statement we issued:

      The Rock Island Grand Prix has announced that it will not allow helmet-mounted audio/visual equipment at this year’s race,  Sept. 5-6.

      “There have been a number of serious injuries in motorcycle racing this year that may be attributed to helmet-mounted cameras. There is also concern that drilling holes in the helmet for the mounting bracket may affect the structural integrity of the helmet. Suction cup mounts will also not be allowed on the helmet or kart,” said a statement released by the Rock Island Grand Prix Friday.

      “This issue is being studied by several safety equipment manufacturers and we expect a more fact-based decision before our 2016 race. Insurance underwriters may also eventually weigh in. But in the interest of safety, helmet-mounted cameras will not be allowed this year. Racers may still use their helmet with only the bracket attached. Kart-mounted cameras can still be used but they may not block the number plate as stated in the Supplemental Rules.”

      This issue will be addressed in both pre-tech and at the Driver’s Meeting. Drivers’ helmets will be checked on the pre-grid. Questions regarding this rule should be directed to grandprix@qconline.com or (309) 292-8133 .


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      Greg Wright

      Personally Roger I think this is a good move, not sure about having enough data but there is enough to indicate that a helmet mounted camera may very well “focus” the impact in a very small area of the helmet. Pounds per square inch and all that. NCMP banned helmet cameras last year.

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      Tim Koyen

      I didn’t know there were any bodies left in the US that allowed helmet mounted cameras?  Most series that I know of only allow kart mounts.  No one should have a problem with this rule.

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      Brian Wilhelm

      In WKA and KART helmet cameras are allowed. Drilling holes in your helmet to mount a camera? Really, really bad idea. I’ve had a Contour helmet cam since they came out and yes, I’ve lost one. I tried to re-use the adhesive pad, and it cost me a camera. Other than that, if properly applied they stay on just fine.
      Banning them seems kinda silly, just alienating more people.

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      TJ Koyen

      Fine idea RR. A lot of organizations require you to hard mount them to the kart somehow. SKUSA requires you to have them bolted to the fairing using the roll bar mount. They’ve banned helmet and radiator mounting too.

      If you think banning helmet cams is “alienating people”, maybe those people should rethink their priorities in racing.

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      Jim Maier

      I think Helmet mounted cams should not be allowed.  It is obviously the best vantage point, but not safe.  I think kart mounted cameras should be fine. I also think cameras should be required to be tethered since the mounts are so fragile. When they come off the kart the tether should hold it high enough that it does not drag on the track.  I use a mount like this on our karts. it is next to impossible to break and gives great flexibility for positioning – http://www.boemarine.com/ram-mount-strap-base-w-gopro-camera-mount-map-36-13/

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      Timothy Strawkas

      In WKA and KART helmet cameras are allowed.

      I believe they are not allowed in WKA sanctioned events. I could be wrong. Its good to get rid of them off the helmets. Yes the head is the best shock absorbing, vibration. But its not safe. Do you “NEED” it on A helmet for data research, nope. Front fairing with vibration is fine. On you fuel tank if you want to see your wheels pointing direction, don’t need to see straight ahead, curbs and tires is most important.

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