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      Jeremy Baldi

      So I have used a master tune on my laydown with a TM k9b on it and a 36mm and 39mm carb.


      It works better on the 39mm than on the 36mm.  It just doesn’t seem to get lean enough on the 36mm.  There is a little spacer to go under the master tune main jet that helps with it but only works so well.  We have tried the master tune on a 30mm ICC carb and it gets even worse and never gets close to be lean enough on a hot day.

      Has anyone used the Dellorto main jet adjuster seen here:


      It looks like it is designed for the 30mm carb and therefor is designed to get lean enough.  The one concern I have is does it fit on an ICC kart well?  It looks like it would have a hard time bending under the carb and not rubbing on the ground.  The master tune comes in at a 90 degree angle under the carb to fit on karts well. Any info on this would be great.  Thanks.


      Jeremy Baldi

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      Robert Lawson


      Had Tom Barth check into the dimensions for me last year, I believe he has one. It was too long/deep to work on the laydown with a floor tray.

      Even though it’s a DeLortto part Tom still thinks it’s poo poo! :)

      You still have to change mains with it. The range is only like 2-3 jet sizes. It cuts your assortment down to about 3 jets though!!!!


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      Brian Degulis

      You need around 3″ below the bowl to get enough radius on the the adjustment cable. The jet range is 140 to 190 and that’s what it does and it does it very well.




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