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      Scott Boito

      Any opinions on the proposed changes to the junior classes?  Here’s a quick summary:

      Addition of the Briggs LO 206 motor to both JA and JB (with blue slide in JB)

      Allowance to run lower class karts in the upper classes (JC karts in JB or JA and JC karts in JB)

      Adding 25 lbs to all motor packages in JA

      Adding 15 lbs to all motor packages in JB

      Removing the “Regional Only” restriction on the Clone motor in JB

      Details at http://scca.cdn.racersites.com/prod/assets/SEB%2014-fastrack-dec%201-3.pdf


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      Joe Ricard

      Most drivers are too light the way it is,  WHY would we want to add another 25 pounds??

      To slow them down?  that won’t work  but will increase braking distance.  = Bad

      LO206  I 100% think this is the answer.  No more KT-100 unless it is 3hole can and the little carb

      No WF unrestricted because I feel they are to fast.  Micro max  but not Mini MAX

      So there it is.   slow the kids down as going as fast as Super Stock raw time is too fast.

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        Brian Regganie

        Most kids, probably more so in JA, are well over the minimum weight a year or two before they reach age 15. When we started in JB and my son was age seven, we had 60 pounds of lead on the kart. Our last year in JB we had none. In JA this year Tom was 9 pounds over minimum with no lead and he is only 13. At 5’6″ and 115 pounds, he’s not a big kid. I think most parents will find themselves in the same boat. If the weight limit was not raised, your son or daughter may find that they will have grown themselves out of being competitive and still stuck in a kart for another year or two.


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      Joe Ricard

      So 9 pounds over = everybody add 25 more ?

      I think no kart should carry more than 50 pounds.    More than that requires some pretty creative ways to double stack lead blocks through 4″ long bolts. creating big levers on fiberglass seats.

      I mount 2 lead bricks 10 pounds each to the back of the seat with required two bolts another brick to left side.  a huge custom poured chunk under crotch of seat   so that gets us to 40 pounds. and then squeeze little pucks were space allows.   size 1 seat does not offer lots of area.

      Kinda glad my son is heading to cars soon.

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      Scott Boito

      Trying to cover the entire range of sizes in each of these classes is not easy.  Some kids grow like weeds and some do not, leading to huge differences between them.  My 12 year old weighs in at 65 lbs with gear.  That’s a far cry from Tom and Brian thinks Tom isn’t even big for his age!  So I have my work cut out for me – as does anyone helping me lift his kart to the top of our double stand for the next few years.

      But we can’t plan for only below 50th percentile kids to run in the junior classes, so we’re aiming for more fairness with the bigger kids.  And to be honest, we’re still below most or all sprint series weights for these age groups, so there’s still more room to go up…

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