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    Oliver Kell

    So after evaluating several options, it looks like I’m going to jump back into racing with a DD2.

    The only kart weight I could find on this interweb thing is 88kg dry, which works out to about 195lbs.
    I figure with gas and water it’s close to 210lbs, maybe 215.

    That math means that I need to get down to about 170 lbs to make a competitive weight. I’m just wondering if these numbers are correct? If someone has experience with dd2 weights I’d really appreciate it.


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    tony zambos

    Bare engine is 37 lbs and the complete package is 64

    LAD Specialties customer / tony kart / rotax / kt100

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    Peter Zambos

    Hey, Oliver.  Make sure that there are actually DD2 fields where you race before you jump in.  There are some pockets of DD2, but they’re not as common as you’d think by just reading national race results.  Of course, if you’ve already done your homework then never mind and enjoy. :)

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    Oliver Kell

    Bare engine is 37 lbs and the complete package is 64

    I was talking about a while package with chassis and everything.
    I am trying to figure out what my target weight is for this season.

    Yeah, I know fields are sparse, but I’m looking at doing the Can-Am Rotax Challenge. Four weekends are probably all I can get off work, and the budget is semi-reasonable. I also turn 32 next year and qualify for masters, the Grand Finals are the one one thing I still need to check off my list!

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    mark sawatsky

    I weigh 168 naked and have the lightweight battery in my kart and use around 8 lbs of lead to get to the class minimum of 381 lbs.

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    Martin Colligan

    In Master I’m 185 lbs and I’m about 4 lbs over the weight. At this point I can adjust with fuel.


    Also depending on kart brands it can change.



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