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      Which is the faster class? Been racing mod motor, and thinking about switching to DD2 or stock honda, which is faster, more competition, bigger field of drivers? Most exposure? And most important cost?

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      Daryle Redlin

      DD2 is pretty boring to drive if you’ve driven other ” real” shifter karts. Between the two, the stock Honda would be more fun and you can use the kart for other classes.

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      Clark Gaynor Sr.

      NO!  The Honda is cheaper to operate/maintain,  more fun to drive, much easier to get parts for, shop are much more likely to know how to rebuild them AND they are faster!  Period.

      Clark Sr.

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      Jim Derrig

      Stock Honda wins on all counts and by a wide margin.  As a practical matter, DD2 exists solely as a class in the Rotax Challenge series, and a small class at that.  If you want to race that series and make it to a national or international final, then DD2 might be a class where the competition level and numbers give you a better shot at advancing.  Unless that’s your specific goal, run stock honda.

      We have a very good (international competitor) DD2 driver show up at our local track on occasion.  He gets put in with the shifters and runs back-to-mid-pack, surrounded by  drivers definitely not at his ability level, purely because the DD2 is markedly slower than the stock Hondas.

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      Jon Romenesko

      A DD2 is the perfect kart if you want something that’s no fuss, no mess, reliable, easy to drive, and faster than a single speed (senior) Rotax.  It’s great for guys who just want a badass toy to play with.


      However, like everyone else has pointed out, if you want to race them then the fields are usually tiny.  That, and the stock moto is going to drive away from it on track.  Here in Colorado, we might get lucky and have 4 DD2s show up to a race.  Usually its one or two…or none.  We usually run them with the stock motos and have them do a rolling start around 30s after the shifters start.  We have a few national caliber drivers here that race them, but it’s usually only on the national scene…occasionally in a club race if they want to get some seat time.


      Would definitely recommend the moto if you want to shift!

      S2 Semi-Pro Stock Moto - SKUSA Rocky Mountain ProKart Challenge


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      How big are the stock motor fields?? What track do you guys race at? I’m from Colorado,  started karting in Phoenix while in college (Shifter) . Recent job offer moved me back home. I’m trying to buy a Kart but have been told that shifters are not popular and that Briggs was the most supported class? Nothing against any racer but that class is not appealing to me any advice guys. Thanks

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        Stacey Cook

        Stock Honda is very big in Colorado with some of the best drivers in the country here. The problem we have is none of them show up to race the local or regional races. Here at our facility Grand Junction Motor Speedway we will have 10-15 shifters at a club race. We are working on a new regional series with Miller to try and rekindle the Colorado Utah rivalry as they have an incredible group of shifter pilots also.

        Give us a call if you have any questions or we can help in anyway.

        Stacey Cook
        CRG USA


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