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      Tested an upgrade kit today. It was extremely cold 6-7’C. Just ran it out of the box with a 145 jet and P2.

      Everything ran fine and one of the things I was most unhappy about with the DD2 package was carburation and low end bog. That has completely gone away.

      It may be that I was just lucky and the 145 was THE jet to run today but it ran as good as when the old style carb was on its best.

      In general I think the new wire harness, solenoid etc. feels flimsy and it will be interesting to see how it will stack up after a few times in the rain.

      Although the power valve in theory should be much easier there is a ton of tubes and connections now and if just one of them leak it will not perform so I will suspend judgment on that one until I have some more miles on it. Generally when more can go wrong more will go wrong…

      Overall positive first test.

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      Joey Guyon

      Were you also running the 2015 squish at 1.3mm?

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      mark sawatsky

      I have not run my EVO DD2 yet but I have to agree that the switch and battery cover seem very flimsy

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