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      patrick ludwig

      I was told that not all DD2 chassis OEM’s support an extended ‘porch’.  I prefer an OEM engineered solution vs a modification.  Why?  So that the chassis may be returned to its original configuration.  DD2 appeals to me given the leveled nature of Rotax Max DD2.

      So questions:

      1) which chassis OEM’s (i was told CRG & Birel) support an extended porch as engineered from the factory?

      2) does the porch extend the overall length of the kart?  if yes, is there a Rotax Max DD2 overall length rule or are my feet simply closer to the front?

      3) i am 6’1″ – i am assuming i will need a porch extension.  i know rental karts really jam me up.  is 6’1″ definitely requires a porch?

      4) i cannot realistically get my weight below 190.  does my weight factor into my chassis purchase decision?



      (newb apologies in advance; new to karting, but not to competitive motorsports at natl level)

      -newb- interested in DD2 racing in Southeast US

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      Gary Osterholt

      1.)  CRG, Birel and OTK all make an extended porch.   The CRG kit will fit on Parolin/Merlin, I know that for sure.  Also remember CRG, Birel and OTK make a lot of different brands.  I can send photos if need be.

      2.)  Yes, the overall length will increase roughly 4 inches.

      3.)  Height is one thing, but it’s really the inseam.  If you are looking to purchase a chassis, try to seat in one first.

      4.) Most chassis now some to be either 30mm or 30mm/32mm combination.



      Gary Osterholt
      GO Designs, LLC

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