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    Any senior drivers on this forum going to Daytona?  Looking at mylaps from the last Man Cup race at Pitt:

    X30 – 4 karts

    Leopard Sr. – 3 karts

    Yamaha Sr. – 4 karts

    Just curious if there will be more Senior entries now that TaG is a combined class and they brought the can back to Yamaha.


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    Greg Dingess

    I imagine the new format will renew some interest in the program.  Combine that with the prestige of the Kartweek event and I think the classes should be good sized.  WKA is making positive strides.

    I can’t speak for TaG/Yamaha group, but we are bringing 8 LO206 Senior drivers.

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    Ron Towles

    We had 22 LO206 racers at the last Florida Pro Kart race in Jacksonville and I would expect most would go to Daytona also. Might get a couple of TAGs but no Yamahas from Florida.

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    Ron Towles

    Sorry. Duplicate post.

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    Interesting, I completely forgot they added the L0206 Senior class…  Does anyone know yet what weight they will be running this class at Daytona?

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    Gary Lawson

    I heard 375 which makes sense since it’s the gold cup weight. Yes it’s heavy and they’d gain a few entries probably if they lowered the weight but they would lose some too. Figured I’d just say this in advance 😉. I anticipate it to be the most fun race to watch of the weekend.

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    Ron Towles

    375 lbs in LO206 senior.

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    375 is up there for smaller drivers, but that seems to be typical weight for that class, so no problem.  Sounds like there could be 30+ entries.  Will definitely be interesting to watch!  Margay has their arrive and drive LO206 program scheduled for Daytona, too, should add to the list as well…

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    Kirt Burcroff

    My son is running the Pro TaG class. We had around 16 or 17 karts in Daytona last year as I recall. That was just X30 and the Leopard class was bigger. With the combination of the two and new format I’m hoping to see at least 30.

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