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      I’ve been karting a year and I have toyed around with race studio a little. I have a mychron 4 and GPS. I have really been reviewing the data at home on a PC (after I am finished karting).

      I think I am starting to finally be able to move around the program and being able to interpret the data.

      But I am thinking I really need to use the software at the track during testing – not at home. I think it would be much more useful to (attempt) to alter my driving and see if this makes a difference.

      I don’t see many karters using the data on a PC at the track. I really think many don’t even use the info at home.

      Anybody want to chime in and let me know when and how you are using your data? Do you share your data with others?

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      Matt Dixon

      We are hiding in the trailer going over it.

      We would overlay tests with a teammate and improve both drivers by showing each their strength and weakness’s.


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      Ray Lovestead

      I’d agree that most of the time I don’t see other drivers downloading in the pits.  But that isn’t true at important races.  I hide in the back of my truck (so I can see my laptop screen) and review what just happened and where I can find time while the laps are fresh in my mind.

      I find that going home and reviewing is very helpful, but not as helpful as seeing it RIGHT after it happened.  Mainly I’m looking at my lines and splits with the GPS mapping.

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      TJ Koyen

      In a team setting I do the same as Matt. Compare to teammates. Especially helpful when the whole team is stuck at the same lap time and you can overlay and find each other’s strengths and weaknesses and everyone improves.

      Normally I just use EGT, H2O temp, and RPMs.

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