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      Up for sale in Anderson SC is a custom shifter kart designed and fabricated to be a beast. This thing turns heads.  The kart is built around a Tony Kart Trulli chassis and a Yamaha YFZ 450 motor.  This is a unique coupling of a very capable chassis with a monster motor.  The motor is in great condition and was recently extensively overhauled and has less than 20hrs since the rebuild!


      The bottom end rebuild featured a new main crank assembly and bearings (OE parts) and new seals.  The transmission was blueprinted and all surfaces were inspected for wear and replaced as necessary.  The clutch was replaced with OE clutch packs and a GYTR billet clutch basket to ensure long life.  The stock piston was replaced by a 12.5:1 compression CP piston.  This bumps the compression ration up slightly over stock but retains the ability to use pump gas.  For the top end, the head was sent to Advanced Machining Services in Mount Carmel, PA and reworked there.  New OE valves, guides, and seals were installed.


      Shifting is accomplished via a custom air shifter setup with steering wheel mounted buttons so the driver can keep his or her hands on the wheel while shifting.  The system features a closed-loop control strategy for optimal shift times.  The on board microprocessor measures the shifter position to accurately actuate shifts rather than relying on simple timing.  What this means is less stress on components and a much faster shift time.  This system even provides an ignition cut on upshifts to facilitate smooth shifts.   The clutch features a custom billet aluminum lever on the steering column.


      The drive train features a new 520 DID chain, 14 tooth front sprocket and a custom designed 16-tooth rear sprocket.  This engine will also allow for the use of a 16 tooth front sprocket giving the final drive a 1:1 ratio and makes the kart capable of 115+mph.


      The engine mounting was custom designed using 3D CAD software along with engineering analysis to ensure a solid connection.  All frame modifications and engine mounting hardware were manufactured with CNC machining, laser cutting, and TIG welding to ensure the best quality fit.


      The cooling system was custom designed from the original YFZ.  Aluminum tubing was custom welded for a very compact cooling setup.  The wiring harness is custom made with high quality aircraft grade connectors to ensure long life.   The exhaust system features a GYTR muffler with replaceable exhaust tips to modify the overall volume.


      This kart features both front and rear brakes.  The front brake setup is the OTK Tony Kart BS5 setup worth well over $1k and includes 14 position eccentric bearings  to facilitate fine suspension adjustment on the kingpin and wheel spacers to adjust scrub radius.  Note, setup plates are included in the sale.  A bias bar also adjusts the front/rear brake balance.


      My loss is your gain.  Unfortunately, I just don’t have the time to run this machine and would like to see it go to a good home.  This kart was meticulously constructed with high quality parts, design and manufacturing and is sure to give a heck of a ride!   Check this thing in action at CMP:

      No trades…cash only.



      If you have any questions, please email me at:




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