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      Brad Richtsmeier

      I’m looking for a set of wheels and old rain tires for my CRG Road Rebel stock moto kart.  I intend to place studs into the rains for ice racing purposes.  I have a couple compatibility questions.

      What size rain tires do stock moto shifters run? Are they typically on the same wheel size as the slicks?  I’d like to be able use the wheels for regular use when I’m done, too.

      In regards to the wheels I need: I understand CRG uses a unique 3 by 67 bolt pattern for their front wheels.  I also understand that their rear is a different and industry standard 3 by 58.  Does this mean I need to be looking for a CRG specific front wheel, or are all the wheels more universal in the shifter kart world than I’m lead to believe?



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      Steen Carstensen

      The rear rain tires are 6″ wide, so you will need narrower rims than for 7.1 slicks. You are correct with regards to the bolt pattern, fronts are different on the CRG karts, I bought a pair of 58 m/m b/p hubs for my rain tires, that way you can look for a cheap set of used aluminum rims.

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      Brian Degulis

      You can get 40 MM hubs for the front with the standard metric pattern and not bother with the special (more expensive) CRG wheels.  http://cometkartsales.com/WildKart-40mm-Lip-Style-Rear-Wheel-Hub.html



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