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    John Wehrheim

    I have heard that the CRG Ven O5 Rotors (Iron) crack and the pads wear quickly.  I did a bit of research and came across the write up on Frixa rotors and pads.  http://frixa.org/news

    I would be interested to know if others have had issues with the Ven 05 rotors cracking and opinions on the Frixa rotors and pads.

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    Finch Guenther

    I’ve had a couple karts with the ven05 system ( iron and ceramic ) and have never had either crack. I was getting about a half season out of the red pads ( iron ) and the wear with the green pads ( ceramic ) is very minimal. I have no experience with the Frixa products but don’t really see them used a lot.

    Finch Guenther

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