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      Keith Bridgeman

      I have an 08 CRG Road Rebel with the VEN 05 brakes.  During a race we are having an issue with the bias moving to the front.  The bias knob doesn’t move at all.  But whats perfect the first lap turns into all the bias being to the front quickly.  Front and back have been bleed multiple times.  It does seem the arm for the back brake reservoir pulls much further then the front even when the bias is screwed to mostly the back.    Its an annoying thing to have no back brakes during a race.  Any ideas.   Brake pads are fine.  Thanks


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      Walt Gifford

      Does it go back to working good after it cools. Could be rear brake fade. The pucks could be letting air in or it could be getting too hot somehow. Are you using DOT4?


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