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    Brian Terpstra

    I am running 4 stroke with 35 chain.  I run a 50mm axle with a CRG sprocket hub.  The problem I am having is that when I install a red split sprocket the 2 halves do not come together leaving a gap preventing the chain from running correctly.  I have to drill the mounting holes to give me a little room to match them up.  Is this a European kart problem?   Is it something else?

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    Rob Kozakowski

    The sprocket hub shouldn’t be a problem.  I just did the same on a CRG for a friend.  And there will be a small gap on each side… this is normal.  Two things that I do with the 35 sprockets…

    1. Ensure that you have both halves facing the “same” direction.  Most split sprockets will have a line to indicate which side of the two halves belong together.  Those lines should line up with each other when mounted.  If you put one half on the wrong way, it won’t line up properly and the chain will jump, bind, etc.

    2. After ensuring the above, start tightening the nuts while leaving some play.  Then shove the motor mount forward  to take up the slack in the chain.  Then spin the axle – this will help “gap” the two halves properly.  Then fully tighten the nuts and bolts.  Finally, tighten the mount with the appropriate level of slack in the chain.  Spin axle to test it.  If you don’t do this, you will often have no gap on one side and a big gap on the other… chain binds, jumps, etc.

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    Brian, this is very simple, and Rob hit it right in the nail

    Another thing to consider is that new sprockets aren’t very accurate, even the one piece types, what I found out most of the time is that they won’t even fit perfectly on the hub, so I always make an effort to shave off any imperfections from the machining on the inside with a rat file or an oval shape file, just go around the whole circle (inside of bothe halves) gentilly and evenly and will fit like a glove.

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    Brian Terpstra

    Alright, thanks guys.  I would think that when you purchase something like this it would fit without any trouble.

    I do always make sure the halves are the way they should be.  Then flip them, alternate them with even numbered sprockets, stand on my head and do the hokey pokey.😉

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