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      Michael Cohen

      UPDATED List as of 3-15

      CRG Parts for Sale

      Most all parts are from 2012 CRG Blackstar
      All parts are in good shape unless otherwise described

      2 Rear CRG HUBs $80 for both
      2 Front CRG HUBs $75 for both

      Steering Column $30
      Left and Right Spindles with spacers, king pins, nuts $225 for the pair

      1 Duralcan Rear brake Rotor  hub etc used with set of used brake pads (green) $200 I noticed there are some hairline cracks on it)
      1 CRG steering Wheel (has a nice cut and scrape on it, it would be ok if you wrapped your wheel $60
      1 Aftermarket Steering Wheel (same size as the factory steering wheel, the 2012 CRG steering wheel is wider) $50

      CRG Bearings & Cassettes (3) $80
      Front bumper bars $20

      CRG BLACKSTAR Chassis, has been welded, and bent (and bent back) could be used as a really cheap spare? $200
      1Prospeed Rotax exhaust mount $35
      1 Prospeed Rotax coil bracket $20

      One set of RAIN rims $100

      I have a few more odds and ends
      All plus shipping……

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      Richard Kirlin

      Pictures of the rear caliper, sticker kit and price please?


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      Alex Amador

      Hi Michael, I am interested in a few parts

      Please email me at




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      Maxime Coiteux

      Hi Michael,

      I want to know if you still have your sticker kit for sale.

      I also want to know if they fit on a New Age Body style. I have a Road Rebel.

      Send me pick if you can.


      Thanks !


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      Ryan Ouellette

      Could you send pics of the sticker kit?


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      Dan Dragoi

      Hi, is the sticker kit still available?  can you send pics.  What body kit are the stickers for?  dan.dragoi@oscarnelsongroup.com




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      kris shaw

      Hello Michael,

      I’m interested in the steel rotor listed. Please send me a picture. kris@savegas.com

      “1 Steel Brake Rear Rotor attached with HUB (used, but not that old) Really good shape $150”

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      Yuri juarez

      Hi, I´m interested in: FLOOR PAN, SET OF CRG WHEELS AND M20 AXEL. Can you share pictures at yurijb21@yahoo.com thanks

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      Ty mitchell

      The post is old but can you send some pictures of the cyclinder along with the numbers on the side of the barrel to

      zipty@att.net , that is if the cyclinder is still available

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      Michael Cohen

      I just updated some prices and added a set of RAIN wheels.


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      Pat Hilliker

      Hi, I am interested in your pair of rear bumper mounts. What is included with these? Am also looking for a wire brake safety cable with linkage forks and am in need of a left side pod plus front body fairing. Could you send photos? philliker@me.com

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      Tom Prioli

      Message sent!

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      Rick Graves

      What size are the CRG Bearings and cassettes?

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      Josh Buttafoco

      I received the ven 05 rear brake system. Everything shipped quick and was is outstanding shape.

      Thank you! Great parts at a great price!

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