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      Jaime Cardenas

      I am a newbie with a Kali 04 with a Rotax that is loose everywhere at Cherry Valley Track and read in the CRG manual that for low grip the ride height should be high. How do you change the ride height? There are only two holes on the bearing cassettes and they are about an inch apart (my kart was originally on the top bolt which is a bit elongated.) That seems like too big of a change. Also to bolt on the bearings into the lower hole I have to rotate them 180 degrees. Does any of this sound right? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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      Eric Alexander

      The three elongated holes per bearing carrier are the way to adjust ride height. To run the ride height in its lowest position, the bolt should be higher in the elongated slots.

      When I lower the ride height, I do it with the kart on the ground. Loosen all nine bolts and the axle will shift to the highest position (lowering the chassis ride height). When raising ride height, place the kart on a stand. Loosen all nine bolts and the axle will drop to the lowest position (raising the chassis ride height).

Viewing 1 reply thread
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