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    Ben Matthew

    Hey guys,

    I just picked up an old Heron Plus CRG  with a yz125 for a song for my driver to practice on.  Can anyone shed any light on this chassis?  I can’t find a shred of info on it.  Not even sure how old it is.  It certainly does not appear to be a high flex chassis.  Was this maybe designed for enduro and road racing?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Rob Kozakowski

    Heron would probably be late 90’s.  It was a popular shifter chassis in it’s day – definitely a sprint chassis.

    Remember a few things have changed over the years with the components – bigger axles rear and front, wider fronts, changes to front, rear, and side pod bumpers, more magnesium vs. aluminum wheels and other components, etc. – that have likely had some impact on how the frames themselves are designed to work in conjuction with those components.

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    Oscar Aguilera

    if it is a crg heron “plus” it is an early 2000 model.  heron plus had a yellow chassis with black components and was the first round of calipers that led to todays awesome crg brakes.  at that time there was a love hate with the brakes….they tend to lock up if you dont have a very sensitive feel for them.  i loved them but most thought they were too sensitive.  there were three models which had no markings to tell them apart from what i know.  the way you can tell is by where the main side rail attaches to the “u” shaped front half chassis rail.  the plate that holds the brake master cylinder is what helps indentify soft, medium, or hard/rain chassis.  the longer the plate the softer the chassis.  the longer the plate from the side rail the softer the chassis because the rear main rails angle in at a faster rate and weld further back on the ‘u” section.


    hope this helps…either way you still have to tune it!  go by any current seat measurements and you will be fine.  if it is the stiffer chassis you will be fast when the track is green or slick…but you will be over stuck when the track gets grippy.  i learned this the hard way back in the day! lol  with the extra power of the 125 you should be fine and it shouldnt be as noticable…i ran an 80cc on this same chassis and it was too stiff.

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    Ben Matthew

    Awesome help Oscar.   This has the short master cylinder plate from the side rail and it attaches pretty far up on the U section.  It dose not appear to have ever been yellow.  It looked like a pretty stiff chassis to me.  The brakes are indeed a pretty modern design, unfortunately they are in terrible condition.  This thing has never had a new bearing in its life either!

    On the plus side it has a new front bumper(installed upside down), new body work(mounted to rub 2 out of 4 tires), a new seat(pinched in between uprights) and a new radiator!

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    Ben Matthew

    Quick update. This 15 year old kart and motor package turned out to be pretty quick on the right track! Enough to win the NHKA shifter championship.

    It was however a constant battle to keep it in one piece. Huge thanks to everyone on the EKN forums for all the advice and most of all Mike at CFMotorsports, George at Apex and the great guys at sharkshifter.

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    David Hedderick

    Too funny. I used to have a 01 package just like yours. YZ125 and all. It was a good little package for the $2000 I paid for it. :)


    Didn’t buy it off a Louisiana guy did you?

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      Ben Matthew

      “Didn’t buy it off a Louisiana guy did you?”

      Close! It came from Texas.

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