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      Does anyone have any experience with the crg/gp carbonfiber floor trays. Also does anyone know if It’s skusa legal??

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      They’re really nice, other than they serve the same purpose as the standard ones

      Last time I checked they did not want any carbon fiber, or fiber glass kart components

      I’ve seen some guys running them, but I’m not sure if legal or not

      Contact SKUSA for details. These are just my 2 cents, buy I could be wrong, unless this floor pan is not considered body work component, then I gess it’s ok, but I would totally ask them first.

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      So other than not knowing if It’s legal or not, are you saying It’s not gonna serve a purpose? I know they look cool, but do you think they wont stiffing chassis? Are some kart seats fiber glass? I don’t have a clue about this,had a shifter a few years now,but looking to racing spec honda class next year

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      Finch Guenther

      I’d say the biggest reason for a carbon floor tray is to save weight as they are about half the weight of an aluminum tray. As far as handling I know the tillett carbon floor trays come in different strengths from stiff to super soft. Hope this helps.

      Finch Guenther

      #51 CRG KPV

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      Thanks for the info, would you happen to know if It’s skusa legal? Any help in this is needed I know it looks cool but I wanna know other than weight is it worth the large price tag it has, don’t mind spending money where it counts but I just don’t want to spend for no reasons

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      Finch Guenther

      I have no idea if it’s skusa legal or not. I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t be legal, but I’ll leave the rule book reading to you on that one. As far as it being worth the $$$ that would really depend on what your trying to accomplish with it.

      Finch Guenther

      #51 CRG KPV

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      I honestly don’t know if it’s legal or not

      But the answer to your question about affecting handling is: No, it will not, and in case it did? Then you could do as most racers do. loosen the floor pan bolts just enough to flex the chassis, and it will free up.

      The only reason why I would think not legal is: If you hit something hard on the bottom and it shatters in 2 pieces it could fly into somebody’s neck or hands.

      Your comment about seats being fiber glass does make a valid point

      The only difference is that the seat won’t come apart into sharp edges or sharp pieces

      Usually will take a slow process of cracks, and will most likely flex and bend, rather than sharp knife fiber glass body parts. It is a different composite of fiber glass that flexes more.

      I hope this will help you more than confuses you, please feel free to contact SKUSA rulls, don’t just take my word for it.  Fast Freddy. ;)

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      Thanks Fast Freddy,you make valid points. I guess I’ll give them a call and post what I find later!

      Called skusa had to send a email, to the tech guys, guess there busy at the supernats hopefully I’ll know soon

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      Todd Cameron

      Ramondo I believe anything wit a CIK stamp for example the chassis and body work would not be legal. All other components without CIK certification should be legal.  A lot of the trick carbon stuff is at

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      Thanks Todd your website is awesome!! Can’t wait to get my hands on the that custom made carbon steering shaft!!! Gonna email you my tie rod length,and seat strut length. Thanks Todd

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      Skusa just emailed me back on the topic of carbon fiber being used, Only Floor tray and seat are allowed to be carbon fiber! no other components are allowed are allowed to be exotic.

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      Chris Laird

      Floor pans will effect the handling of the kart. As for which stiffness will do what, it depends on who you talk to. Testing testing and more testing.

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