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    Hi all,

    Just purchased a CRG Road Rebel. Took it out last week. The rear ride height is really low – I’m scraping all over. Does anyone have instructions on how to correctly adjust the rear ride height? Front for the matter too — never done it before. (First nice kart).

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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    Morgan Schuler

    Loosen the cassette bolts and either raise or lower everything. The only adjustment is all the way up or all the way down.

    On the front, move the spacers above or below the spindle to change ride height.

    What are you scrapping? Low rear ride height is the preferred setup on CRGs. If it’s the seat, move it up.

    Search for Arrow’s setup guide, I think it does the best of explaining the how’s and why’s of ride height adjustment.

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    Walt Gifford

    Sometimes the frame can be bowed in the middle. Should be flat across the bottom. The seat should have 1″ ground clearance min. If it’s scraping when you cut the corner they all do that.


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    Spencer Uzri

    CRG chassis tuning manual (.pdf) recommends a “nose down” profile with rear wheels set to max width (55.125″/1400mm) for dry conditions.  Drop the front by arranging the spindle kingpin spacers (thick at base, thin on top) & raise the rear by loosening the bearing cassette to drop the rear axle in the bracket slot.

    You’ll have to remove the kingpins to adjust the spindle/wheel height, so be sure to keep the upper/lower shims, spacers, etc. organized & in order to facilitate correct reassembly.  The rear is easily adjusted by loosening the bearing cassette bracket bolts (& don’t forget to adjust/match the rear brake caliper to the disc as well).

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