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    Mark Just

    Does anyone have an opinion on the tork 4 stroke chassis from CRG.

    We are looking to purchase another chassis.  depending on who you talk to everyone has an opinion.

    I like the fact that the 206 is plug and play. With out top kart we have move the sprocket holder  around. engine is off set due to seat strut

    Just want to make the correct choice







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    Marshall Martin

    We have 4 206 karts in our team.  2 Torks, KT1, and an old Bleu Demon.  the Tork works well, using a Wide Flat Plate to run the clutch outboard and miss the seat strut.  Originally the Tork had a bolt on strut for the engine side of the seat but the Euro manufactures like the struts that are welded in place during manufacturing so that is what we have on this one.  The chassis works well, very easy to tune.  The 2 Torks run very different setups and are equal in times.


    Marshall Martin

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    We have 2 Brand new Tony Karts, 4 cycle chassis, they do come with nice features, and a removable and adjustable seat strut, comes with  40mm axle, light brakes, bigger diameter rotor, camber/caster pills, all the normal OTK components.

    Give us a call, or email us, you’ll be glad you did. Steve (661) 303-4304 Or email at midcalkarting@gmail.com

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