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      John Van Nghiem

      Dealers, Track Owners, BE AWARE!!!

      We just got scammed $1600 in parts.

      He went by John Schaban…who knows what’s his real name.

      Shipped to:
      16500 N W 17th Pl.
      Miami, Fl 33054

      His phone: 786-326-1977

      Wife’s phone? 786 356 3624


      He has an old Tony Kart, around 98-01 with old breadbox bodywork.

      He ordered and received:

      Tillet T8 Unpadded Seat – Large

      K&N RU-1770 Filter

      RLV R4 CR125 Pipe (1 piece pipe)

      FTP Radiator w/ Mount & Cap:  18×10″

      MG WZ White Rain Tire set, 4.2/6.0

      Douglas Magnesium Wheel Set – 130LV/180LV

      KG 320mm Steering Wheel


      Please be on the lookout. If he’s spotted, please notify the authorities ASAP and note City of Marina California Police Dept, Case #13-2618. Phone 831 884 1210

      Much appreciated!

      Fastech Racing

      831 384 5278

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      John Van Nghiem

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        marc walsh

        Hey John, I called the number and some guy answered the phone and said its the wrong number………yea right!

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      Gabriel Podboj

      Mark.. that is exactly the same answer that you gave me when you didn’t pay me for my seat!!

      and you are in Florida….mmmmmmmmm

      I don’t forget.. you own me $75 for my seat

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      russ Jolly

      Were these products sold without recieving payment?

      that just doesnt sound like a good idea…

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      Brian Wilson

      I have dealt with John before and I don’t get the idea he would send out product without payment first, unless it was an exchange. From my modest intelligence and reading comprehension skills, the title would tell me he received payment for the items before sending them out.

      He probably sent out the items and then got a charge back from the credit card company because of fraudulent use of a credit card, stolen credit card or something along those lines. In the end, he got screwed…..it’s tough enough to keep a business afloat in the karting industry with honest customers.

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      Zach Nebel

      That’s messed up if you can’t afford it don’t try and scheme people to get what you want. I work hard so I can afford to buy. Good luck trying to bring them to justice.

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