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    Walt Gifford

    Do it pis anyone else off that indycar/nascar ect drivers can crash/flip at 180 mph and walk away without a scratch but you crash a kart at 35 mph and break every bone in your body?

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    Tim Koyen

    Where are you racing Walt???  Sounds rough…

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    TJ Koyen

    B-b-b-b-but people keep asking to take more bodywork off saying that the crashes will deter poor driving standards…?


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    Tyler Curley

    IDK if this adds to the discussion at all, but back in ’01 we only had sidepods, no nose cone and the rear bumper didnt cover the rear tires. One race we had a rookie join us,on the 2nd heat I pass the finish line and slow because the race is over, his front tires touch my rear tires and his kart launches up onto mine and basically lands on my head and shoulder and was stuck there. The last heat were going into the last turn and he brakes  way too soon, and my front tires touch his rears, my kart launches like 8 feet in the air and cartwheels away, while i land on the track, and that was the end of my first go kart.

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    Tyler Curley

    Oh yeah, I didnt break any bones, just bloodied my ankle on the pavement from not wearing racing shoes, still have the scar :)

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