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      Bob Schabel

      I have a CR 80  modded engine, Mikiuni car, pump around system. 85 degrees F  Need a suggested main jet starting point.

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      Greg Lindahl


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      Gary Smith

      Hi Bob,

      Are you running an airbox or a K&N style air filter?

      What altitude are most of your tracks?

      Most of my tracks are about 1,000 feet above sea level, I run a K&N style air filter, I am running a 195 main.

      If you are running an airbox, I would try 190 or 185, I’ve heard go down 2 jet sizes for an airbox.

      What ever you do, check your plug every time you make a jetting change. You are looking for the center insulator being brown to light tan, if it is white or gray, you are too lean.

      Hope this helps.


      #55 Honda CR80

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      Bob Schabel

      thanks, I run  KN style air filter, alt=700ft.   I run a 195-200 in my stock motor. was told by someone for the mod motor needed a 380-360 jet?    So, thanks for the help, I’ll start at 200 and see what the plug tell me. bob

Viewing 3 reply threads
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