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      nigel cooper

      Our bearings supplier that we use at work is having a problem getting me crank bearings.I told him  I need a pair of  unsheilded KOYO 63/28,CS30 bearings with heat treated cages but he is having a problem.Does anyone have the correct Koyo part number? Buying them from Honda will cost me more.

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      nigel cooper

      Thanks again Ian,

      I guess Ill have to get them from honda.Im buying bearings often at work and can get great prices for myself due to the money we spend at our supplier,but I learned from a previous post of yours that the CR250 crank bearings are special and I must have them.(PS. turns out I`ll have to buy a honda crank as well.When I got the engine apart I was shocked to find a Wiseco crank.I was assuming a honda crank and sending it out for rebuilding)oh well,i have all winter




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      Ian Harrison

      Hi Nigel

      CS30 is an O/E bearing number and only supplied to manufacturers under that reference and not supplied through the bearing resellers. It is a special 2-stroke crankshaft bearing designed to operate in the limited lubrication situation of a 2-stroke engine. It has a special heat-treatment of the bearing cage and specific running clearance.

      Honda Part #: 91008-KAE-731

      Never use the general engineering bearing 63/28 C3 or C4. These get sold a lot on Ebay etc. and you probably get away with it in a crosser.

      But then you knew all that ;-)

      Best Regards

      Ian :-)

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