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      Mike Beeny

      1-Mychron 3 Gold Ebox and gauge with Mychron steering wheel. (USED)

      Has not been used for several years but was in good working condition when removed from kart.  Steering wheel is a little rough.  Download cable included.


      1- Bullseye model B2 laser alignment system.  Have had for many years but only used a few times.  The Sniper B2 is the taller version of the original Sniper and can be mounted on 40mm hubs or 17mm spindles .  With an adapter it can also be mounted on 25mm spindles but i do not have that part.


      1-Racejet weather pod (new) with race Jet software for Windows and palm version 1.10

      Includes MaxJet FR125 Max version 1.3, Modem cable for downloads, Instructions.

      Serial# 04RJ-DB9-R.D-240470


      27- RS125 piston rings (New, in OEM bag) P/N 13121-NX5-701

      $15.00 each

      1-Race Jet weather pod (used a few times) with race Jet software for Windows and Palm version 2.60

      Includes Maxjet FR125-Jr-MiniMax version 1.61a,modem cable for downloads, instructions

      Serial# 05RJ-DB9-REV.F251167


      1-ICC jet kit



      Emulsion tubes DP 260,DP 267, DP268, DQ 261, DQ 262, DQ 265, DQ 266

      Inner pilots B45, B50, B55

      #40 slide

      Needles K21,K22,U2,U7


      1-Horstman 3rd bearing support (style B) New in box.

      Fits Kt-100s and DAP T-50.


      1- Horstman 3rd bearing support (style C) New in box.

      Fits TKM piston port and Reed, Yamaha Kt-100


      1- Sniper castor pill set (new)

      Left and right side, top and bottom pills


      1-RLV R2 exhaust pipe

      Stinger has been straightened out to keep silencer from burning rear bumper.  This mod did not seem to hurt or help performance.  There is 1 small spot weld to cover a pin hole.


      1-RLV R2 exhaust pipe

      Stock with no welds


      1-RLV C2 exhaust pipe

      Some welding work done on the header tube around the spring hooks.


      1-BRLV C5 exhaust pipe

      stock with no welds


      1-12″ adjustable/tunable M4 silencer (black type)

      Used for 1 track session.  All tuning spacers included.  1″ ID inlet.


      1-12″ standard M4 silencer (silver type)

      This is an early silencer from around 2004 and has a good amount of use.



      1- 5132 R Elto ICC silencer (new)


      1-PVL ICC ignition coil p/n 105 458 (new)


      1-PVL ICC ignition stator/flywheel (new)


      2006 Maxter ICC counter gears




      $5.00 each

      Buyer pays shipping.  Pictures available.





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