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    Ed Rodzach

    No spark on a Honda CR125R Shifter engine.
    Replaced the spark plug, no spark.
    Has Vortex Performance Ignitions CDI box labeled Honda CR80 Dual. Has a white and black plug ins on top, only plugged into the black side.

    It has three grouped wires.
    1st group is: Grn/White, blue, red/black
    2nd group is: grn,blk/wht
    3rd group is: grn,blk/yellow
    Any help to test the above wires for ohms would be appreciated.
    Thanks for looking and your time.

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    William Martin

    Has it worked before? I ask only because it isn’t the correct CDI for your engine… how about trying a stock Honda box, to isolate the problem between the Honda stator and the aftermarket CDI box?

    Bill M

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    Ed Rodzach

    Yes, it worked before.

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    Time to try a new or a known good working coil, also check the terminal connectors to the coil, the little wires do break at the eyelet and at the female connector to the coil.

    If wiring is ok, then try another coil, if still no spark then may be time for a new stator.

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    Ed Rodzach

    Thanks i will check the connectors.

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    Ed Rodzach

    How do i  inscribe from this web site?

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    Just sign up again, go back to your ad, hit edit, click on your text, hit your delete button on your keyboard till it’s all gone, don’t forget to do the same to your heading.

    You have to say something on the spots, or else it won’t let you. Right after you delete it all just say ” Please Delete” or ” SOLD”

    Do this to every ad or follow ups you have, and you’ll be fine. David Cole will delete it when he can.

    P.S. What was the end result on your no spark condition anyway? Did you get it resolved? What was it?

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