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    Bill Frenkel

    Hi All, went from a TaG to shifter, just as a hobby at 50 years old.  Got a CR125 from someone in NC and didnt know much about the kart. Got it on the track or should I say the parking lot of the track last week and kept having issues starting and more so bogging and intermitant power.  One of the more experienced shifter guys said it sure sounds electrical not gas related.  Low and behold we found two wires in the connector to the CDI box that were broken and or cut.  I was able to figure out how to remove the terminal from the connector but now need to ensure this thing is wired properly.  Does anyone have a wiring diagram or something to follow?  I am going to attempt at posting some photos also.  Thank you.


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    William Martin

    What colour are the wires that appear to be cut? Almost no one connects the kill switch, it’s possible that they are the ones not connected…otherwise, hunt for dirty connector pins/sockets, wiggle one wire at a time and see if it cuts out…that’s your best clue without real test equipment. Check all ground connections, coil to engine case and chassis…sometimes a dirty ground is just perverse! You can find wire colors in the Honda manuals, maybe on line, haven’t looked though. Sometimes a stator coil connection vibrates ‘loose”, still there but intermittent. Some disassembly required!

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    Bill Frenkel

    William thank you for the reply.  If anyone can assist me in direction on how to actually post photos within this I would greatly appreciate that and be happy to post photos.  With that said, the first problem discovered was that the ground wire going from the coil was taped up in the bundle of wires and didnt connect to anything (assuming one of these cut wires is for ground?)  Without  knowing how to post photos here is  a description of the wires and what is not connected and appear broken/cut.

    Larger connector back row: black with green stripe, green w white stripe, green.  Front row: purple, appears to be black w white stripe (broken at the connector),  black appearingly? (also broken), white.

    Smaller connector: Purple with yellow stripe, and green (dead end not connected to anything)

    So, the two wires between the purple and white are the broken ones on the large connector, the green wire on the small connector goes no where and the ground wire from the coil is not connected anywhere.  Thanks again.

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