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      i have a 97 cr125 engine and haven’t purchased a newer model stator for stock yet. though i have a programmable cdi box i use for the mod motor that does have the newer stator plugs on it.

      was wondering if it would be possible i could re wire the 97 stator to plug into the programmable box with the newer connectors. is it possible? does someone have a diagram? i found this on a board, and, as far as i know the 250 and 125 boxes from 97 are very similar. though this post does make it very clear.

      cr250 stator conversion 1996 – 2001

      To use an older stator on a newer bike like i have had to here’s what to do,,,,
      connect all wires up the same but only two need to be changed.

      From the stator cut the blue & join it to the white going to the cdi
      Then from the stator cut the white & join to the blue going to the cdi.

      You should now be left with 2 wires you wont use,1 Yellow & 1 Yellow/White,cut these back & tape up so not to short out.

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