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    nigel cooper

    I need a new piston for my stamped size “A” cylinder however the dealer doesnt know what I am talking about. They have 2 pistons available.I told him I need the “A” piston but they dont know.They do have 2 available whcih makes sense,ie an A or a B


    can anyone help?

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    Troy V Smith

    Hey Nigel –

    this may help…


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    nigel cooper

    thanks Troy,

    it does help a bit.Honda told me that they had 2  pistons? Same part numbers except a D on one number ?I will be back there next week and get some part numbers from him and let the forum know what I found out.

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    nigel cooper

    checked with senior parts guy on the way home,only one piston available.

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    Chris Reinhardt

    They make a “A” piston and a “B”, they discontinued the “A” piston which was a fraction larger to fit with the “A” cylinder.  You could swap an “A” and “B”, the difference was so slight….


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