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      Jeff Clarke

      <span style=”font-size: 14px; line-height: 1.5em;”>My kart came with 170/52 jets in it.  </span>I’m just looking for a decent (safe) starting point.    If I look at the Honda CR125R manual, I see a jetting chart that says for a standard day at sea level the stock jetting of 175/52 applies.  I’ve poked around and found a couple of sources for shifter kart  jetting charts and both suggest a pilot jet size of 58.  The main jet recommendations (same conditions as above) are the same.  6 sizes of pilot jet difference are  probably more of a difference than can be justified by humidity (which Honda’s chart ignores), or fuel/oil mix, or other factors.  Does the stock Honda jetting tend to be lean on the low end?  Is it typical to jet the pilot bigger than on a bike?

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      James McMahon

      Most, well nearly all stock motos have a different carb than what’s found on the bike application. Also keep in mind the pipe is totally different, operates in a different powerband.

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      Gregg Palmer

      170 is a bit on the lean side. Move up to the 175 and watch temps, spark plug readings and then adjust. I was running a 168 with a K&N filter and seized my motor.

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