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    milan harris

    I have a complete CKT cr125 engine for sale plus spares and more details below

    COMPLETE ENGINE: 5hrs on crank/0hrs on top endckt1 ported top-end w/flat top piston (just put complete fresh piston kit in it)
    ckt built bottom end
    vforce reeds
    ckt4 pipe w/rce ti silencer
    vortex ignition
    pwm pump around carb
    engine mount
    * just add clutch cable and throttle cable and your ready to go

    SPARES:ckt2 complete top-end, uses rs125 dome piston (setup for more topend)
    *plating has slight marks, nothing that will effect performance or reliability.
    (3) rs125 pistons, domed
    (7) rs125 piston rings
    (5) cr125 oem base gaskets
    (2) sets of vforce reeds, 1 new i think, other has 1hr on them

    you can tell by the pics, i am picky and like my stuff clean and kept simple…
    complete ck1 engine is ready to go just add cables… spare ckt2 cyl is complete and ready
    to bolt on and go, complete with blended pv plugs, covers,head,o-ring exhaust flange… just add one of the rs125 dome pistons as the head has been worked for the domed rs125.

    feel free to text me with any questions and i feel price is fair but if it makes you feel better throw me an offer!

    Price: sold
    text for more info or pics.

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    milan harris

    After talking to my karting supplier he thought 2,400.00 was a fair price and that i was a little high… I just know what i have in it and time but it is what it is…

    So new price is 2400.00 shipped

    I also have a new swedetech stator/flywheel cover that goes with it…forgot to put on..


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    Frank Rapisarda

    Milan are the cylinders ported? Are the cases ported?

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    milan harris

    I also have brand new in the package from swedetech
    1) flywheel/stator cover
    2) cdi mount (if you prefer the standard clutch cover method)
    3) EZ-Clip RR

    I will include these with the purchase

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    milan harris

    ready to move this!!! This is a super clean package and I would much rather sell to someone worthy on here than sell it off on fleabay….

    Make me a fair offer and lets make a deal!


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    milan harris

    Lots of interest but no trigger pulling yet! some details i have been asked…

    The ckt1 cyl. that is on the motor is a sprint setup…
    the head is o-ring machined and head had been machined and worked per ckt specs
    the cyl. port timing seems to be stock that i can measure, the transfers have been cleaned up….so its not a stock moto cyl.

    the spare ckt2 cyl. is more towards a RR setup, but not full RR…
    o-ring head, lots of head work to accept the rs125 pistons.
    this cyl. is fully ported, Port timing has been changed for increase mid to top pull.

    the bottom end is ported/cleaned up and polished for efficiency and performance.

    Text or pm me, i have several pics of the engine i can text/email

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    milan harris


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