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    Gerry MCN

    What’s the best stater with attached battery to use via hole in the seat  on a cr250.  So which one(s) are compact enough and will spin over a cr250 without any problems.

    Also who sell them with the proper flywheel drive nut ect?

    tried of the push start deal.

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    John Benson

    Hi Gerry, I don’t think any of the self contained starters will fit down into the seat far enough .I got my starter from TS racing,then a couple of heavy duty cables about 6′ long and good marine /RV batt and your set.

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    johnny brooks

    This guy’s probably got the nut you need. I got one for a cr125 (same as rs125)…call him to verify fit for RS250/CR250?
    Uses LH thread, goes in flywheel like a puller.
    His “drill setup” seems a bit pricey, and may be too long for your seat as well?

    I use standard kart starter with separate battery, but I’m a F125 laydown so i’ve got more room.


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    Brandon Schenkel

    i have an allen head adapter on my crank

    im using a Coleman compact starter w/ a 2″ shaft adapter that bolts onto the shaft of the gear reductor from the starter


    if you want a pic,message me for phone number




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