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      Zach Witzgall

      Hey guys,

      I picked up a 96 CR125 locally from a kid, and needless to say its been through the ringer at least a couple of times. I don’t plan on running  in a class, but more battling it out with a bunch of other local guys, so I’m trying to squeeze more power out of this thing. I’m going to send my cases and cylinder out for porting, but while I was cleaning the cases up, I noticed that the halves are drastically different. One is a pretty standard investment cast piece and the other is sand cast with some coating inside the gear box and a machined crank case surface. The sand cast half is noticeably rougher and seems to have thicker walls.

      My question is; Are two different halves going to be a problem? I can post up pictures if you guys need me to.



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