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      brian heaton

      Ive got an intrepid explorer chassis running a Honda CR125.

      1. On the rear axle which way does each of the 3 bearing flanges face (if looking from the rear)? Or does it matter?

      2. Is there a better type of exhaust manifold that doesn’t make such a mess?  Could I just Weld it?

      3. How close is your j – arm to the bolt holding the engine sprocket?Mine is like 1/8″ ? Is this to close?

      4. Are there any bushings or anything that goes into the engine case where the motor mount bolt go through? (I’m running a 12mm in the larger rear mount, and a 10mm in front? Both are very loose.)

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      josh martin


      Don’t know what others will say, but I’m happy to tell you what works for me:

      1) Both outer bearing collars pointed outboard – maintains axle (and handling) symmetry

      2) Check out sharkshifters 4 o-ring exhaust outlet. Works really well

      3) My j-arm is equally close. If all else is assembled correctly, no problem

      4) Again, try shark’s mount. Fits well enough im not even familiar with the problem.

      Best of luck,
      Josh Martin

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      brian heaton

      I’m running the 4 o ring exhaust manifold.  I heard some people sealing it with hi-temp RTV.

      As for the motor mount it seems like a sleeve slides into the engine case. I see it on all the mounts just wondering the specific size

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      Chuck hurlbert

      If you are running 4 orings and it still leaks, get new exhaust springs. do get the ones that are $8+ each. when you install the pipe use a little vasoline on both orings and pipe. Helps it slide on with out tearing the orings.

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