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    Sebastian Sarmiento


    I’d like to take a compressor with me to the track (I use a hand pump one, but the hose is short and when the kart is one the stand is a pain to pump).

    I’m thinking on getting a compressor, which it would be great for tires, air cleaning and probably some air tools. What do you think the capacity of it should, 20 gallons (so I can load it at home and not have to carry a generator)?. or is is better to get a small generator and a 6 gallons compressor?.

    I never had air tools and have no idea how much air they consume from the air tank.

    I hope I’m not making it confusing.

    Thanks for your help.

    I wish you twice as much of whatever you wish for me. : )

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    Kenneth Culver

    I would suggest a 6 gal compressor with a honda eu2000 generator.  That is what I have and both units are lightweight and very portable.  The 6 gal compressor will run air tools like impacts and ratchets.  It will have trouble keeping up with things like sanders  grinders and drills.

    The 20 gal compressor will require a much bigger generator and if you plan to just fill it once at home and not plug it in at the track you won’t be able to run any air tools.  You will pretty much be limited to filling tires.

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    Sebastian Sarmiento

    thats exactly the answer I was looking for, and thought about the same generator, Impact and ratchets are the only tools I would run, (sears has a craftsman sells a starter kit with ratchet, impact, another tool and the 25′ hose for 49.99) the rest can be done at home .may be go eu3000?, but if the 2000 can provide just fine for the compressor and I may go with that.

    Thank you Kenneth, I really appreciate the info.

    I wish you twice as much of whatever you wish for me. : )

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    I have a Sears/ Craftsman gas power compressor that I bought brand new back in the days. This bad boy used to tear cars apart for me, with all my impact wrenches, ratchets, sanders, grinders, no problem. I even used it at the track when I was younger at the places where no electricity was available.

    May need a good carburetor cleaning/rebuilding, but the 5.5 Briggs&Stratton engine is very strong.

    Let me know if interested. I’ll make you a smoken deal.

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    Paul Lepper

    To be absolutely sure on compressor size you need to check the CFM consumption of the tools you will be using, this can vary between manufacturers greatly. Once you have picked out the tools you will be using then you can get a compressor that will provide good service. As a side note I’ve found oil-less compressors to be more noisy (louder) than comparable oiled compressors.

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    Mike Bray

    For sure get a generator and compressor.  But also get one of these: http://www.homedepot.com/p/Ryobi-18-Volt-ONE-Dual-Function-Inflator-Deflator-Tool-Only-P731/203060297

    9 out of 10 times all you need to do is air up tires and this thing will do them in less than a minute.  Works on car tires also.  My wife recently had a very low tire while at work and I aired it up with this and took the car to Discount Tire to get it fixed.


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    Sebastian Sarmiento

    thank you for the suggestions guys. What Paul said is very interesting, I had no idea about CFM.

    The tool kit From craftsman says the average tool CFM is 4.4 and most of the 6 gallons compressors will barely do 4.0 CFM at 90 PSI. I guess that means the compressor will work like crazy and I’m not even going to get good results out of it?.

    Now what Mike brought up is super cool.  I’m a plumber and I use lots of battery powered tools, have you had the Ryobi for a while??. To my knowledge is probably one of the weakest power tools brands out there, but everybody gets different results out of the same tool.

    Thanks again boys, I’m getting great advices/options here.

    I wish you twice as much of whatever you wish for me. : )

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    Tim Koyen

    When you are considering generators, keep in mind that the Yamaha equivalent to the Honda Eu2000 is also a very good generator, and may be less expensive.  A friend recently bought a Honda EU2000, only to have it quit working entirely after only 1 day of use.  He was able to exchange it for a new one, but the Tech (who sells both brands) said the Yamaha was really a better unit.  I’ve had a Yamaha 3000 for several years and it has performed flawlessly.  Whatever the case, buy one that is a RV or campground style, meaning it puts out less than 60 decibels at load.  Your neighbors at the track will appreciate it, as will you.

    From a compressor standpoint, anything big enough to run sanders or other steady consumption tools, will be too big and just be a pain.  A nice, quality, smaller unit will handle tires, and the occasional air impact, which you don’t really need anyway.  There is a reason no one at the track uses them.  The electric impacts work just as well and are way less hassle.  Best of luck.

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    Mike Bray

    I haven’t had any issues with my Ryobi and there’s a few at our track that also seem to work fine.  It airs a kart tire up in about 15-20 seconds so at that rate the duty cycle is pretty low.  I expect it’s going to outlive me:)



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    Sebastian Sarmiento

    Hey Tim,

    Those Yamaha look nice, just a bit cheaper than the Honda, but that’s not the deal maker,

    It seems that the carb features (shut off allows the carb to burn all the gas and doesn’t leave any gas residue in the carb, which is the number one reason for gen. giving trouble to start after a long period of inactivity), fuel gauge (Honda doesn’t have one) and it passes the Honda in every way (lighter, lower decibels, and a few other things that are not important).

    I like the Yamaha, I just need to make sure there’s a Yamaha dealer around here that service those units.

    Found it for $910 free shipping. and it also comes with the battery charger cable included (the Honda doesn’t). Big war between the two little ones, both are great.


    Hi Mike,

    I went to Home depot to buy one yesterday, but they only had one out of the box (looked full of dust like it’s been there for ever), they are 39, plus the battery (1) $59, plus the charger $35.

    So instead I bought this one as a plan “B”


    It can work from the car lighter (in case the generator fails) or from the generator in case the compressor fails. I like the fact you can program the psi desired and it’ll automatically stop once it reaches it. (I’ll see how accurate it is by checking with my longacre digital gauge)

    and this compressor:


    Thank you for all your help fellows. No air tools for now. I’ll use my existent Makita impact wrench/hammer drill and electric screwdriver.

    I wish you twice as much of whatever you wish for me. : )

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    Kenneth Culver

    Lowes has the porter cable 6 gal compressors on sale for $99   The cfm thing is not that important on tools like impacts and ratchets because they don’t run continuously like a sander or a drill does.  The compressor will usually be able to keep up as they are used in short bursts.

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    Sebastian Sarmiento

    thanks again Kenneth.

    I wish you twice as much of whatever you wish for me. : )

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