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      John Lafakis

      SOLD  thank you EKN


      2008 CRG Kali,  REDUCED PRICE, $3,500 for everything (price is negotiable)

      Pics added

      I will be moving soon and will not have room for my toy. I never had a chance to even run it. Frame in great shape (no flat spots) and has been freshly powder coated. Every nut and bolt has been looked over. If it was worn it was replaced with a new part. If it was still useable it was cleaned and reused. The kart and engine are practically brand new, engine is all new except trans and has never been run.  All electronics (ignition, Mychron 4 2t, cables/hoses and sensors are 100% new and unused.

      Most of the kart is new and the engine has never been run. All engine parts are fresh (except trans) and have never been broken in. I have additional pictures of the engine assembly if needed. 6 speed trans that was out of an older engine, however gears are in great shape and not chipped or worn. I have worked as a car and motorcycle mechanic and as such everything has been meticulously put together and maintained.

      Only thing Kart is missing is exhaust pipe and silencer. Also engine oil of your choice needs to be added.


      New engine items for 99 stock moto: (engine has never been run and is all new except for trans which was taken out of an older engine)

      Cylinder (power valves plugged by Shark Shifter)

      Reed cage and reeds

      99 intake manifold

      Crank and rod

      Case halves and case bolts, head bolts etc.

      Ignition (99 stator and CDI box)

      Mikuni fuel pump

      Keihin PWK carb

      New engine sprocket and shift rod

      HeGar 4 Exhaust and intake mounts

      Air cleaner

      Misc. swedetech engine parts (including 3-ring exhaust manifold)


      New kart items:

      Fuel tank and fuel lines

      Tillet T8 padded medium/small

      Shockwave 50mm axle

      AIM mychron 4 steering wheel

      Mychron 4 2t with EGT, infrared sensor and Water temp

      Shark sport radiator

      MRC cr125 hose kit

      Steering shaft

      Angled steering hub

      Righetti clutch lever

      Clutch and throttle cables

      Shift knob

      Kart lift Kart stand

      Vertical kart stand

      KG Buru body kit

      Nerf bars front and side

      Righetti rear bumper and mounts

      Misc. screws And bolts


      Also included are many extra new and used nuts and bolts. Tires are older but still have about 75% life left. Wheels are older news locks but have been blasted clean and clear coated (look almost new).

      Any questions or pictures please email or text me at 847-477-2131, I’m in the Chicago area and would prefer local pickup as I don’t have a vehicle to move it all with.

      Thank you


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      John Lafakis

      Price reduced to $3,500 OBO

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      Dan Dragoi

      Hi John.  As a condition of sale could you demonstrate the motor and run through the gears?  Is there anything it needs to race other than manifold, silencer? Is it completely Stock Honda legal? Can I get some more pics?  Thanks.


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      John Lafakis

      Hi Dan, I have never run the motor as I ran out of funds before I could finish the build.  I assure you that every peice is new however (except trans which is still in great shape).  I took the trans out of an older CR125, ordered new engine parts, and built the engine from scratch.  Gas has never been put into the tank, carb or engine.

      I can get receipts from Shark Shifter and Fastech Racing that show everything that I bought new.

      It shifts through all 6 gears, I just never got a chance to run the motor.  I have pictures of the build and if it would make you feel more comfortable I can tear the motor down to component parts to verify that they are new and unused, except the trans of course.

      If you can text me at 847-477-2131 I can send you pictures of the engine assembly as I documented the entire build as I was going along.

      The kart is in amazing shape with new parts all over.  I really wish I could have finished the build but unfortunately I was not able to do so.  I will be moving out of state and I will not be able to take it with me.  If you are in the area you are more than welcome to stop by to take a look at it.  I also am including a second cart stand and some misc. engine tools for the CR125 that I used for the build, I just forgot to list those in the sale thread.

      thank you you for looking.

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      John Lafakis

      I forgot to mention that yes, the engine has been built as Stock Honda.  All parts are stock and unmodded.  I was planning to race as such.  The only things missing are the exhaust pipe and silencer.  The radiator and all hoses are there, Mychron 4 2t and sensors are there as well.  Brakes are solid as I rebuilt the master and added all new brake fluid.  I can’t think of anything else it needs to run besides the exhaust, oil and gas.

      The kart was sitting in a garage when I picked it up so I cleaned everything I could to make it like new.   The frame has been freshly powder coated.  The only thing I can’t guarantee is how straight the frame is, when I had it coated the shop I took it to just roughly looked it over.  The previous owner told me it was never crashed and after carefully looking over the frame I had no reason to doubt him.  The frame wasn’t flat spotted anywhere or bent or crushed so we assumed it was straight enough as I was only to race it casually.  The powder coating on the frame is almost flawless.

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      alan brasher

      … do you still have this for sale ??,  not to far from chigao area, we run mid-ohio, grattan, gingerman, michigan international, etc.etc….have three karts now..need another like a hole in the head…but maybe we can work something out…

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