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    Travis Davis

    I have literally zero idea of what I’m getting myself into, there is a local track that has a seasonal racing series.  I bought a kart from my buddy’s dad its an Alpha with a Iame motor, but other than that i have no inkling of where to go from here, the motor doesn’t have a id number or model on the side of it and the frame just has alpha logo’s where would i get this info?

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    Paul Montopoli

    Engine is most likely a Leopard or an X30. My guess is Leopard. Any 2 cycle kart shop should know their way around this engine.

    The Alpha dealer is in Houston, TX. You will find that many kart parts other than brakes and front spindles are interchangeable. The Iame importer is IAME East in North Carolina. Google both for contact info.

    My recommendation is ‘just drive’. It takes a bit to get fast in a kart. Find a local kart shop, buy your parts from them, and they should help you at the track figuring everything out.

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    Morgan Schuler

    You’re really close to Leading Edge Motorsports, go talk to them. http://www.leadingedgemotorsports.com/

    You actually have a few kart tracks nearby: Dixon, Davis, Sonoma, and Prairie City.

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    Travis Davis

    Thanks Paul, and Morgan when i google searched Kart shops near me nothing popped up within 70 miles but long behold theres ones in stockton 10 minutes from me.  I appreciate it Morgan!

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