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      I have all of my son’s cadet gokart racing package for sale. The package consists of:

      Two 2012 Intrepid Speedy Cadet rolling chassis, each with standard axles installed currently
      6 additional axles of differing thickness and flex
      3 sets of front hubs
      6 sets of rear hubs
      Carbon fiber seats by Kevin Felkins
      Tillet Fiberglass seat
      Full range of gears for any track with numerous spares
      Extra 219 chains
      NGK spark plugs
      Several Engine Packages-Comer 80, HPV, KPV with pipes and all accessories
      Magnesium wheel sets
      Spun Aluminum wheel sets
      Machined Aluminum sets
      Rain Tires sets
      New Tires
      Used tire sets that have been wrapped and stored indoors
      Streeter kart stands
      Numerous other small parts; II know there is a ton more stuff in the toolbox that will be included. I am selling anything and everything from the cadet program. Mychron stuff is not included.

      Cadet racing is for kids 7-12, depending on the local club rules. If you are thinking of introducing your child to karting this is an amazing deal. These karts have won numerous races and Championships at both the regional and local level. No expense was spared, and they have been meticulously maintained. My son is moving up due to age and size next year so these cadets have to go. New the chassis alone are $2895 each. I will give you all the copies of my notes from any track-Davis Blue Max Kart Club, Prairie City, Dixon, Etc. You can take these karts and engines and be competitive at any local club, or IKF, WKA or SKUSA event immediately.  I would like to sell the package complete and frankly if you are in kid karts and your child is moving up this would be a perfect package for you. I’m not going to break it up for a while (although it might not hurt to ask :)). Thanks for looking.

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