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      Sebastian Bacon

      For sale is a complete kart racing operation with nearly new and new karts, parts and accessories. There are 2 karts (one is brand new), 2 engines, stands, starter and tons of spare parts and accessories. This is everything you need to be competitive, win races and have fun. All of the equipment is in excellent condition and the equipment is extremely competitive for any type of kart racing (TaG, shifter, LO206, etc). Included in this package is the following:

      -2 Praga Dragon Evo 2015 kart chassis, one used (~10 races) in excellent condition and one brand new. (SEE BELOW FOR MORE INFO ABOUT THE CHASSIS)
      -2 HPV engines, 100cc 2 stroke clutch engines (big classes, lots of competition, affordable to run)
      -Kart starter with good battery and wheels (can be used to start yourself so you can go karting even if none of your buddies can go)
      -2 vertical kart stands – perfect for storage and transport
      -1 ultra lightweight kart stand
      -10 new bottles of chain lube
      -2 bottles of 2 stroke racing oil

      -This package also includes many thousands of dollars in parts and spares, including:
      —-Multiple new and used factory Praga (IPK) seats in all different sizes (includes sizes 1 to 4)
      —-Quick change gear hub (allows for fast sprocket changes)
      —-15 gears/sprockets (some new, some used)
      —-6 spare axles – soft, 2 mediums (this is the standard axle), medium hard and hard (perfect for tuning your kart to handle just the way you want)
      —-0, 1 and 2 degree camber/caster adjustment pills (for tuning the handling)
      —-Spare rear bumper
      —-30 different seat struts
      —-Factory Praga (IPK) brake disc protector
      —-Air box rain cover (for racing in the rain)
      —-Multiple boxes with nuts, bolts, clips, gaskets (engine), seals and all types of things you will need
      —-Air filter (new)
      —-6 tie rods (factory Praga (IPK) and generic ones also)
      —-Multiple sets of factory Praga (IPK) brake pads
      —-Factory Praga (IPK) magnesium motor mount
      —-Brand new 219 racing chain (DID)
      —-1 spare factory Praga (IPK) rear hub
      —-2 spare sets of factory Praga (IPK) front hubs (standard and short)
      —-Multiple new spark plugs
      —-~20 feet of spare fuel line
      —-2 new throttle cables
      —-Throttle sheath and brake cable sheath (protects the cables from damage and fraying – good to have in case something happens to one of your cables at the track)
      —-Fuel tank vent tank
      —-Chain guard mounts
      —-Front bumper clamps
      —-Rear bumper chassis mount kit
      —-Fuel filters
      —-Bumper clamps
      —-Full cover chain guard
      —-Strip chain guard
      —-Wheel weights (for balancing wheels)
      —-2 factory Praga (IPK) exhaust mounts
      —-Exhaust mounting springs
      —-2 Odenthal motor mounts

      – The used kart is straight with minimal wear. No major crashes and the frame has never been bent or straightened. The kart has been well maintained and was recently raced as it sits (so you know it actually works). The used chassis has been run with skid plates.
      – The new kart is almost ready to go and needs only a few pieces installed to be ready to run, all of which are included (seat, rear bumper, steering wheel, hubs, wheels and tires). I was almost finished assembling it for next season and just had the easy stuff left to do but now I am selling.
      – I purchased both karts brand new and I am the only owner of both karts. I know these karts very well and they are very fast.
      – I have owned many karts including Tony Kart, Kosmic, FA Kart (Fernando Alonso Kart), Birel, Birel-Art, CRG and Praga. Out of all the karts I have owned, the Praga and the Tony Kart are my favorites as they are the fastest and easiest to drive and tune that I have found. I prefer Praga over the Tony Kart though because the Praga brakes are better and the spare parts are much more reasonably priced (and you will need spare parts if you race, just the way it is).

      The kart chassis brand new cost about $5,000 each, so $10,000 total for the two. I bought both chassis brand new. The engines cost about $2,200 new each, so $4,400 for the engines. The spares and other parts easily cost over $3,000. All together that is nearly $18,000 worth of nearly new and new kart racing equipment. I will sell everything all together for $5000.

      I raced karts for about 10 years and now I am selling everything I have accumulated over the years. The used kart was last raced about a month ago and it will sell as raced, meaning that it works and is ready to run. In that race I ran lap times with the leaders, so the kart is as fast as any kart out there. Everything for sale is top quality and well maintained. Start out on the right foot by buying this complete package and be ready to race as soon as you buy!

      I will sell everything all together for $5000. Will not separate. Cash and local pickup only.

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