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    Ashik G

    I have a Rotax Senior complete package for sale. I bought the kart and associated accessories in the spring of 2012. I could never quite get the hang of the setup, so I ended up only being able to race half a season in 2012 and a few practice sessions in 2013. The kart has been well cared for and meticulously cleaned after each outing. All in all, I have for sale everything you’ll need to start racing and the tools you’ll need to work on your kart with a few spares. For all this I am asking $4500. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

    The package includes the following:
    1. 2012 Rotax FR-125 Senior Engine (sealed) – bought brand new in July 2012
    2. 2011 Birel RY30-S3 Chassis – bought a season old in July 2012
    3. Mychron 4 with GPS unit – bought brand new in July 2012
    4. A set of DWT wheels – bought brand new in June 2013
    5. Pedals extension/adjustment kit
    6. Spares – Jets, sprockets, nuts, bolts, etc.
    7. Tools – everything you’ll need to work on the kart, including an electric driver

    Here’s a link to some pictures:


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    Vojta Kubec


    I am interested in your kart package but I do not know where you are located. Could you let me know. Thanks!

    Also, your drop box link is empty


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    Vojta Kubec

    Hi Ashik,

    Thank you for fixing that. Photos look good but, I cannot really see the the condition of the kart/engine. Do you have any more pictures? I would be interested in seeing more. You can email me at vojtakubec@gmail.com

    Coincidentally I am not too far from you.


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    Ashik G

    Hi Vojta,

    Thanks for your interest. The kart is located near Boston, Massachusetts.

    Thanks for informing about the dropbox being empty. I must have deleted the folder by mistake. I have re-uploaded some pics.


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